Monday, November 5, 2012

The Teet's Challenge

One day, things were cooking along like any other day at 37 Cooks when we received the following email:

"Good afternoon all,

I am Luke Deville with Teet's Food Store, located in Ville Platte, Louisiana. I was referred to you guys by Jack and Joe Walker from Slap Ya Mama (Walker and Sons). I was talking with them the other day, and they brought you guys up and told me to contact y'all. I just launched my website, back in May of this year. We specialize in Cajun Smoked Meats and we are Certified Cajun by the state of Louisiana.

I was wondering if y'all were interested in trying some of our smoked meats in your recipes. Jack and Joe both said that y'all do terrific things with their product and I was wondering if you'd like to give us a shot.

If you are interested check out our webpage and let me know if you want to move forward with me sending you guys some products.

We are known for our smoked pure pork sausage and smoked tasso, but just about everything we smoked is top notch. Ask Joe and Jack about us.

I appreciate your time,

Luke Deville
Shipping Manager

I (Sandra) was the first one to read it. My jaw dropped open. I might have shrieked. I might have done a little dance. I might have fallen over on the floor and lapsed into a coma for a short period.

But shortly after that, I shared it with the rest of the 37 Cooks and well, between all of us there were 86 exclamation points involved. Grand Funk Railroad and Marvin Gaye youtubes and sing-a-longs broke out! Luke sought us out. It's a big deal to us at 37 Cooks. It always will be.

Teet’s Food Store was established in 1955 in Ville Platte, Louisiana by Teet and Ruby Deville. Run today by son Chris and grandson Luke, Teet’s continues to distribute their famous smoked meats, including sausage, smoked tasso, and award-winning ponce, shipping across the country for all to enjoy.

We have been honored to accept the challenge of cooking from Teet's selection of products as you will see over the next few weeks. And we have been honored to get to know Luke Deville. I never thought I'd meet a person with more enthusiasm than me. I'm pretty sure Luke's got me beat! And he is enthusiastic about cooking! I love him! And all of you will love his products. Here is a list of the products you will find in the recipes we'll be posting:

Thank you, Luke! Thank you, Teet's! We hope you like what we made!

P.S. If any of you, our readers, would like to join us in this challenge, please do! We will posts your recipes and photos under our tab called Friends of 37 Cooks. You can order any of the products above by clicking on the links above. Here are the guidelines for the challenge:

Please join your fellow 37 Cooks to participate in the following challenge: 

Challenge: The Teet's Challenge

Description of Challenge: Teet and Ruby Deville opened Teet's Food Store in Ville Platte, Louisiana in 1955. Over the years, they perfected their recipes for smoked tasso, sausage, and ponce. These recipes have remained unchanged over the years. Please use one of the Teet's award-winning products and submit an original recipe. It will be featured on 37 Cooks blog as a Friends of 37 Cooks submission.

This is a sponsored challenge. The sponsor is Teet's Food Store and this is their website. As a courtesy, please mention Teet's when you write your recipe and provide links to their site and to the specific product. 
Email all recipes to: Recipes will be edited for spelling and formatting. All recipes become the property of 37 Cooks and Teet's Food Store.

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