Hi, reader! Just in case it’s not clear, we want to tell you two things. One is short (but very meaningful) and the other is looooong.


2) Here's how we roll with respect to accepting goods from sponsors:

We started our blog with a product Willie and Sandra received as a gift from a friend. They shared that product with their cooking friends and 37 Cooks was born! All products received from that point forward have been provided by sponsors who contacted us, or who we contacted, to support one of our cooking challenges. If you want to read about our cooking challenges, just look on our index on the right margin of our blog and click on “Challenge Introductions”.

We have a cook who volunteers to act as the sponsor liaison for each challenge. That cook works out all of the details, like providing the sponsor with all of our cooks' mailing addresses, and letting them know when we need the products shipped so we can cook and post to our blog in a timely way based on our schedules.

In other words, we just like to cook! And we like to see what we can cook with products or within certain themes. We think it’s fun!

We don’t take products from sponsors who say – we’ll send you our product and we expect your cooks to say they like it. In fact, we’ve never had a sponsor ask us to do that! If we were approached by a sponsor with those expectations, we’d have to turn them down.

We cook and we post what we cooked. That’s it!

Why are we telling you all of this? We heard the FTC wanted us too. We’re cooks. We’re pretty new to this blogging thing. And our blog is not a business. So we want to comply with blogging rules as we understand them. To confuse you even further, let’s talk about links we post in our recipes. Sometimes we post a link to a product we receive from a sponsor. Sometimes we post a link to a product just to clarify to the reader which product we used in our recipe, just in case they want to cook the recipe too!

We always try to be clear about our relationship with any of our sponsors, but if you have a question please just ask us! We love to talk to our readers about any and everything! Send us a note to 37cooks@gmail.com!

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