Friday, May 24, 2013

The Sciabica Olive Oil Challenge

We get our sponsors in many different ways. Sciabica was a referral of one of our talented cooks and we could not be happier about it!  With over 90 recipes submitted, this challenge broke every record for participation by our cooks! Here is Chiffonade's introduction to the challenge. Enjoy. ~37 Cooks

My first Sciabica experience was a potent one. I was introduced to these oils by my friend, Patricia. We planned an impromptu get together where she would provide “an olive oil tasting”. At first, I was skeptical of the flavored oils because I was not interested in partaking in a chemistry experiment. “The olives and whatever flavoring agent is on the label are combined in the press and the oil is never heated,” Patricia explained, and as she is the first cousin of Nick Sciabica, I took this information at face value. I tore off a hunk of crusty baguette, dipped it into the oil, and raised it to my lips.

The aroma that met my nose was incredible. I felt like I had buried my face in a bouquet of freshly picked globe basil. As the bread continued its journey into my mouth, I could feel my taste buds dance in anticipation and the tingle went all the way back to my ears. I tasted, I chewed, I swallowed, I rejoiced. It was like nothing I had ever experienced.

Since that first taste, I have met and dined with Nick Sciabica, enjoyed an entire dinner at SoHo Restaurant in Atlanta designed to showcase the brilliant Sciabica oils, and used them in my home every chance I get. I thought Sciabica oils would be perfect for 37 Cooks because they are so versatile. The varietals lend themselves to any sweet or savory dish and the flavored oils are downright inspirational. Food prepared with Sciabica oil is all over the map - savory, sweet and all places in between.

Whether we are drizzling them on veggies at the table or using them in recipes, Sciabica plays a part in our diet on a nearly daily basis. I like to bake with it and my partner loves to use it in grill marinades (as he would cook everything on a Big Green Egg if left to his own devices). However, sometimes I desire the most honest, pure, unadulterated Sciabica experience - don’t forget that simple, luscious baguette dip.

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