Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Meet Carrie Mason

Good morning! 37 Cooks is all about cooking challenges. Our members are...cooks! But they are also amazing people! Our hope is that through the food challenges you will get to know each of us better. Carrie Mason is the sponsor of the challenge currently underway, Carrie's Pie Challenge. Hey, Carrie! Nice to meet you!

Hi!  I'm Carrie Mason, a home cook from the Philadelphia 'burbs.  I have 3 1/2 half men in my life: 

  • my husband AKA Bob or Buhbah,
  • my grandfather AKA the old man, 
  • my cat AKA Neepneep, AKA Mr Feecock, AKA fatty boombotz, 
  • and the baby boy in my belly, AKA JR. 
I love these guys more than pie.

Some facts about me:

  •  I have a seriously hard time ordering from a menu when I go out to eat, because I change my mind too many times.
  •  I am close enough to Jersey to have fist pumped with the best of  'em and not be ashamed of that.
  • Three years ago I hung up my dancing shoes, gave up the life of a bartender and became addicted to gardening, cooking, and entertaining. 
  • I can be a tad sarcastic.
  • There is nothing I like to do more than to have friends and family over for a nice meal and maybe a few more cocktails than necessary.  
  • I am 9 months pregnant, which means I have lived the last three months of my life in what is basically a bathing suit cover-up, since that is the only thing that fits me.
  • I am the designated picture hanger in my house, but that is only because my husband has never looked behind any of the pictures to see the 5 others holes I have pounded into the walls.
  • I have never learned how to drive a car, because they scare the crap out of me. I am working on that.
My cooking style is pretty loosey goosey, which means, if it sounds good, I will throw it into the pot. I read cookbooks for fun, and don't really use them for recipes as much as I do for inspiration when I am out of ideas on what I want to eat. This poses a problem for me when it comes to baking. Most of my baking projects end in failure, I have never made a good biscuit, or ANYTHING that contains yeast. That being said, for some reason, I make a fantastic pie crust, so I love PIE!  If you come over to spend some time on our deck, you will most likely be treated to a couple of hefty cocktails and a slice or two of pie. 


  1. If I didn't already love you, I would have fallen in love with you now.
    Nice, Carrie!

  2. This is great Carrie! Let's try a meet up after JR makes his arrival. I just adore little men!! Great job with the pie challenge, although you know I store pans in my oven..... XOXO Susan R.

  3. you had me at pie...christine

  4. Christine, Pie has connective abilities, does it not? Thanks for reading, Carrie.