Thursday, September 27, 2012

Linda's Oktoberfest Challenge Starts Today!

As has become our practice at the beginning of each new cooking challenge, we want to take time to introduce you to the our members. Linda is sponsoring the Oktoberfest Challenge and we're so glad she did! -37 Cooks

Hi, everyone! My name is Linda Mire. My life has changed so much over the last few years.
  • I retired due to health reasons
  • my baby girl left for a college that is 12 hours away
  • my son got married 
  • my husband retired 
Definitely a lot to take in!

My days are now spent participating and serving as an administrator in a cookbook group, participating in challenges in 37 Cooks, and bargain shopping. I love decorating with vintage items and secondhand furniture! My children have given me two cute grand puppies that were rescued from shelters. While I truly adore them, I can’t wait for a cute little boy or girl to love and spoil.

My husband and I love to travel. We love going to visit my daughter in college. We have also taken two amazing trips to South Dakota/Wyoming and to Maine since he has retired. He now shares in my hobby of cooking.

Prior to retirement, I was a licensed Independent Insurance Agent. I started as file clerk for an insurance company right out of high school and I worked my way up the ladder, holding various positions at companies and agencies. My cooking was not so great during those years because I juggled all of my children’s activities and my own work schedule and professional activities.

I now love sharing healthy recipes with my family. My son and daughter are joining in on the fun and learning to cook healthy too. We have all learned that cooking at home is a much better option.

If I had one cooking wish granted, it would be to have the amazing baking talent my Grandmother had. Everything she did was by scratch and she never used a written recipe. It was all stored in her heart and baked with all the love she had for us..

I recently started a blog called Seasons and Seasoning to capture my journey as I add touches of seasoning to all the many seasons of my life!

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