Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cranberry Walnut Pie and Strawberry Pie

The Epic Pie Fail
by Rachael Tanis 

I made two pies - one strawberry, one cranberry walnut. While baking said pies, a piece of crust fell off and was smoking and burning in my oven, so I took them both out and turned off the oven so I could clean it. I was impatient and wanted to finish my pie so I put the cranberry in the toaster oven to finish. Normally I keep checking to make sure it doesn't burn, but I set the timer, got distracted and forgot about it until I heard the "ding".. pulled it out and of course it had burned... threw that pie away. Put the strawberry pie in, watched it this time, came out perfect. Refrigerated overnight. 

The next day, I wanted to take it to my Aunt's. My sister rode with me and she held the pie. About 10 mins on our way, the pie started melting!! It was dripping all in her purse and in my brand new SUV!! So I quickly pulled into the parking lot of a business center... no trash cans outside. I didn't want to go inside and ask them to take and dispose of (or eat) a melting pie... so we stashed it in the bushes and left it for the birds. The End.

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