Friday, July 5, 2013

The National Food Holiday Challenge!

Here we are starting a brand new challenge. You are in for a treat! It's the National Food Holiday Challenge! I know you've heard of these, right? National Donut Day, National Candy Corn Day (my favorite), National Chocolate-Covered Grasshopper Day. Some sound amazing and some don't tempt you in the least, but they are all pretty entertaining. 

When I first got on Facebook, several years ago, I thought I was supremely entertaining when I told everyone what national food holiday it was day in and day out. I am certain some of my Facebook friends didn't think the posts were so great but hey, there are more offensive Facebook statuses than that, right? And many of my friends loved those posts and they would spur me on! Tell us more! And I did.

Recently, I noticed a fellow cook in another cooking group has started the habit of posting the national food holidays. He seems delighted by his own posts, as are many others in the group and it got me to thinking, why not do a national food holiday challenge in 37 Cooks? And so here we go! I think you'll be amazed at what the cooks have come up with!

Oh, and many thanks to Glenn Edwards! You inspired us to undertake this challenge and we hope we will do you justice! If you are reading this and want to read more about national food holidays, here is a link that will tell you everything you need to know. You will also see that some dates have more than one "holiday" listed. Because of that, we may post some of our recipes the day before the actual holiday. Enjoy!  ~Sandra

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