Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Have a Happy National Cotton Candy Day with a Cotton Candy Extravaganza!

I picked Cotton Candy Day because it sounded fun and challenging. At first, I was going to wow you with some extravagant cotton candy delights. Then after combing Pinterest, I realized it is just cotton candy, people! So, I decided to make it fun! Which is what cotton candy is all about!

You can find cotton candy in bags and buckets at stores and, if you are lucky, you can find the big poofs at a carnival. I didn't want to buy a cotton candy machine, so I started asking around if anyone had one. Turns out my teenage daughter's friend had one. So we decided to have a cotton candy party. I have two girls at home, and the girl with the cotton candy machine has two sisters, so we went for it!

Before we had the party I became particularly obsessed with cotton candy items. I started to see it everywhere! And yes, at Target one day I found a machine and bought it! I had not planned on this, but I just couldn't help myself. I purchased this machine. I am glad that I did because, while these machines are fun, they do not produce very much cotton candy at once so having two machines was a huge help!

All along I was informing my friends at 37 Cooks of what I was doing! They were having a field day with their comments. One of the 37 (I will not mention any names) suggested that I make a cotton candy bikini for myself to surprise my hubby! Um…this is NOT that kind of blog! Haha!

Our little party was made up of five young girls (ages 9-14), two cotton candy machines, lots of ideas and lots of laughs! I hope you enjoy these ideas and that they inspire you to come up with some of your own. I am particularly proud of my 14 year old daughter, who was inspired to make a beautiful cake for this day. She did it all by herself and has never decorated a cake before. Have a Happy National Cotton Candy Day!

***If you buy a machine you will need floss sugar. I bought this kit. I would definitely purchase from this company again. The product is awesome and it came with a very nice customer service postcard. It is nice to see a company take pride in their product and make a personal commitment to quality. Thank you Cotton Candy Express!

Cotton Candy Extravaganza!
by Tracy

Cotton Candy Popsicles

1 ½ cups of cotton candy snow cone syrup 
¾ cups water
8 popsicle molds

Mix syrup and water together, pour into molds and freeze.

Cotton Candy Milkshake

This recipe does not require a machine. Purchased cotton candy will do.

2 ounces of cotton candy 
1 ½ cups of premium vanilla ice cream
¼ - ½ cup milk

In a blender, mix all of the ingredients. Pour into a glass and serve.

Cotton Candy Cones

I got this idea right off of the cotton candy machine box. You do not have to have a machine to make these, but the machine does make a nicer presentation.

Cotton candy
Gel icings
Ice cream cones with a flat bottom

Have fun!

Cotton Candy Food Skewers

Colored cocktail stirrers

Make you favorite cotton candy right on the stirrer and serve with fruit or cheese.

Cotton Candy Mineral Water
inspired by Pinterest

Cotton candy
Mineral water or club soda, chilled

Put cotton candy in a glass and pour the mineral water right over it. Serve.

Cotton Candy Glow Sticks 
inspired by Pinterest 

Glow sticks
Cotton candy machine

We tried whirling the glow stick around in the machine, but since it was a little slippery we found it easier to put it on a paper cone first then transfer it to the glow stick.

Cotton Candy Cake

2 boxed cake mixes
Cream cheese icing
Fondant icing
Wilton Sugar Sheets
Gel food coloring
Cotton candy

There is no direction for this. Just do what you will and top with cotton candy, of course! My daughter followed the directions for fondant ruffles and covering from the Wilton website.

Colored Sugar
1 cup of sugar
Gel food coloring

Place in the food processor and pulse until sugar and color are mixed. We did not add flavoring to these, so it basically just tasted like sugar. The red had that red dye taste to it.

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  1. Tracy, check this out! Maybe you can try this next year on Cotton Candy Day!