Monday, July 15, 2013

Have a Happy National Gummy Worm Day with Gummy Worm Infused Tequila!

This isn't really a recipe, per se, more like a how to!

Gummy Worm Infused Tequila
by Amy

gummy worms
clear tequila

Place 4-5 gummy worms into every 1/2 cup of tequila you want to make.  If you want a red liquor, use only the red & white ones, for a blue one, use only the blue & white ones, etc.  Let the tequila and gummy worms sit on the counter for a few hours.  The gummy worms should dissolve with occasional stirring, just to make sure the worms are breaking up.  If you accidentally add too many worms and some of them aren't dissolving, you can either fish them out or leave them.  They will settle to the bottom.

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