Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Marx Challenge

Start Date: 9-10-2012
End Date: 10-7-2012

Here we are! With our first sponsored event! You have your boxes. Can't wait to see what everone does!* Heck, I can't wait to see what I do!

Marx would like to feature some recipes in mid October so for Marx Challenge part 1, let's all try to get 1-2 recipes in. They will be scheduled for posting on the blog from 10-8 to 10-20. We'll also be having an extended Marx challenge. A new event will be posted in mid-October and will run through January. So have fun with your ingredients! Write up some tasty recipes and take some pretty pictures!

Below are links to the Marx products you received. The links contain information about the ingredients that may be useful to you in your cooking. If you like the Marx product you use, you might consider writing a review on that product on the Marx website. I think they would love that!

Dill Pollen
Saffron Threads
Tahitian Vanilla Beans
Dried Mushroom Variety 
Chile Variety 

*Some of us have been a bit nervous about this challenge. Marx wants you for you! And more importantly, we LOVE us for US! Don't forget it! Whether you write an original recipe or cook up a dish from a recipe on the internet, make no changes at all and burn it, it's all good! Just breathe! And smile! And have a great time!

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