Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hey, Susan W!

We'd like you to meet Susan W., who is also the sponsor of our bread challenge that starts today! Susan is not only a wonderful cook, she is also one of the volunteers that keeps everything running smoothly here at 37 Cooks. She's just recently joined the editing team, the Facebook team, and the photo editing team! Thank you in advance for all your hard work, Susan!

Hi all, I’m Susan Whempner, a homemaker from sunny Southern California.  I enjoy quilting, photography, gardening and, of course, cooking (I especially love to bake). I've been married to my wonderful husband for 27 years and we have a 24 year old son, who will soon be a college graduate.

When I was growing up, I’m pretty sure I viewed having to help out in the kitchen as an annoying chore.  It wasn't until my mom went to work for my dad, who had his own business at the time, that I was put in charge of making dinner once in a while.  I vividly remember the very first dinner I made.  It was “Danish Meatballs” from a recipe I found in an old McCall’s cookbook.  The meatballs fell apart while I was browning them, and my white sauce was a gooey, doughy mess.  I served this awful thing to my parents because, in my mind, all the ingredients were there so how bad could it be, really?  My dad actually managed to eat it (I think he felt sorry for me), but my poor mom just couldn't do it!  To this day she and I still get a good chuckle over the meatball story.  It wasn't until I got married and started cooking for my husband and baking for holidays that I realized how much I really loved to cook.

Over the years, I have learned so much about food, spices and cooking techniques  from reading cookbooks and cooking magazines, and watching the Food Network.  I enjoy trying new recipes and I have fun playing with ingredients.   I rarely make a recipe “as is” because I love putting my own twist on things.  I have a very bad habit of forgetting to make a note of where I found a particularly good recipe, and the running joke in my family is “don’t get used to this (fill in name of dish here) because we’ll never see it again.”

I hope you enjoy all of the bread recipes coming your way from our 37 amazing cooks! 

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