Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Carrot Soup with Dill Pollen and Chili Cream

Carrot Soup with Dill Pollen and Chili Cream
By Tracy Hersh
4 Tablespoon butter
2 medium shallots chopped
2 pounds carrots, peeled and chopped
4 cups vegetable or chicken broth
Juice of half a lemon
¼ teaspoon white pepper
1 teaspoon Marx Foods Dill Pollen
Salt to taste
Melt butter in medium saucepan.  Saute shallots and carrots about 5 minutes.  Add broth bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for about 10 minutes until carrots are softened but not mushy.   Blend in batches until smooth and return to pan.  Add, lemon juice, white pepper and dill pollen.  Salt to taste and serve with a generous dollop of chili cream. Garnish with fresh or dried dill.
Chili Cream
4 dried Marx Foods Organic New Mexico Chiles 
¼ cup water
1 cup fat free Greek yogurt
Bring chiles and water to boil.  Remove from heat and let sit 30 minutes.  Blend chiles and water in a blender . Pour into  a fine sieve or chinois over a small bowl , mash through sieve.   You should have a fine paste.  Mix paste with yogurt  and serve.  
Note:  You may need to add a small amount of water to the chiles to get them to blend. 


  1. This is a simply wonderful soup!! I can't believe how easy this was to make! I tried it for a dinner party last weekend and it went over very well- before the party was over, I had shared this recipe 8 times!!!
    Highly recommended!!!

  2. I made this soup for my wife, who worked an extra long day at her 911 job. She fell head over heels in love with it. Will make this again!

  3. Wonderful soup and easy to make. Akeeper

  4. A+ in terms of easy.....and quick.....will make it again!!!

  5. I made this one kids loved it!!!

  6. Thank you all for your wonderful comments, glad you enjoyed Tracy's soup. It is not only very tasty, but very colorful and healthy!