Sunday, July 1, 2012

SYM Bacon and French Toast

Look anybody who knows me will tell you I’m not a recipe guy so here I am to prove that yet again. We’ve all made French toast and I have to imagine we all did it without too many crushing defeats short of falling asleep while making them and waking up to the smoke alarm…err…I would imagine someone did that.

The Bread Man:

For the French toast I like to use a good cinnamon raisin or plain cinnamon swirl bread. There are two good local bakeries that make some and they both have their strengths. I prefer to cut my own and get a thick slice which is what I get with the Me and Ollie’s version, if they are out of that I get the When Pigs Fly bread cause it’s good quality. Take out or cut a few generous slices and leave them out overnight (in a microwave if you have creepy critters or curious cats) to get stale-ish.

The Egg Mixture:
In the morning get three large eggs and crack them, then add whatever the hell you like. I use a little vanilla extract, a teaspoon of the Slap Ya Mama Hot Cajun Seasoning, a splash of half and half plus a hint of nutmeg to complete my egg mixture. You can add allspice and cinnamon if you’d like. Hell you can add turnip and spam if you’d like…but I recommend you keep it simple as the bread already has a lot of flavors going on that are reminiscent of fruit cake.

What Smells Good Cookie:
Take your stale-ish bread and dip it in the mixture and really swirl it around then flip and repeat. Pick it up out of the egg mixture and gently lay in a nonstick pan pre-heated to just below medium and oiled with bacon grease, 10W-40 or whatever fat you like… I’m preferable to the bacon fat as we are cooking some to go with the French toast so voila! Cook for about 4 minutes per side or until golden. Why stale bread u ask…cause if the bread is stale it holds up better to the egg mixture and retains a firm texture throughout the process.

The Maple Crema:
Get a container of Crema Mexicana or Crème Fresh or Sour cream and put a few tablespoons of it in a mixing bowl. Then add maple syrup until it reaches a flavor and consistency you like, I was somewhere around 1 part crema to two parts maple syrup. Oh, and if you use Maple Flavored Syrup like Mrs. Butterworth or the like…. Your hand is going to fall off and turn to stone. I showed in the picture with a few tablespoons of this on my French toast, but after the picture in the interest of full disclosure, I about covered my toast with it.

Bacon Baby:

I like North Country Thick Cut Maple Smoked bacon when I can’t get Benton Farms Bacon out of Tennessee. I cook it in the oven at 400F for like 22 minutes and it’s nearly always perfect…remove to draining rack and coat liberally with Slap Ya Mama Hot Cajun Seasoning and allow to cool a bit then serve with your French toast

Hope you enjoy this, and let me know how you might change this to suit your likes or needs!


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