Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Clean Out the Fridge Slapped Omelette

Clean Out the Fridge Slapped Omelette
by Matt Baird

I'm not much for eatin' out, cause I know I can cook a helluva lot better meal than what I can get out. This also applies to take out food, except for Chinese food. Nothin' beats Chinese take out. Anyway, I worked a little late today and wanted somethin' simple and quick for dinner. So I foraged through the fridge and I decided a 'clean out the fridge' meal was in order. I just used what I had on hand, as most all of it was already cooked. All I hadda do was chop it up.

2 ears of corn, cobbed (hahaha I think I just made that word up,and to me it simply means taking the kernels off the cob!) 
1 Italian sausage, (that was cooked on the grill this weekend) chopped
1 onion, sliced
4 eggs (lightly beaten)

I used my wok to cook this just cause I feel so cool when wokking!!! Saute the onions over high heat till slightly charred, remove and do the same with the corn. Remove and do the same with the sausage. Remove. Add half the onion/corn/sausage mixture to the wok, turn the heat down to medium and add 2 eggs. Cook till crispy and then flip and add as much HOT SYM seasoning as you like. Slice a pita in half, set in in the wok, touching the sides of the pan so it heats up as the eggs are finishing cooking. Fill pita and "wok" out!

P.S. Use the other half of the onion mixture and the other 2 eggs to make your better half dinner, too!!!


  1. ummmmm....would those be ostrich eggs?! I'm confused...

  2. How could you tell,Pav? You're such a genius :)

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