Monday, February 18, 2013

The Wine Dive Challenge

Some of our cooks are easily excitable. Like me. I might be one of the more enthusiastic people on the planet. But there was no one in our group of 37 cooks that wasn't bouncing off the walls when we heard that we might get to be involved in a contest where the winner’s recipe would be the Dish of the Day in a real restaurant!

We have a group on facebook called 37 Cooks Kitchen where we virtually congregate. Since we are from all over the US and Canada, it’s the only place where we get together. The Kitchen was hoppin’ the day the news was leaked. So you can just imagine what it was like on the day the actual challenge was posted to the group. Sure, the winner’s recipe was to be the Dish of the Day at The Wine Dive. But there was more. The Wine Dive had decided they would choose their three favorite recipes and fly those contestants to West Palm Beach to the restaurant for a long weekend and make it into a media event.




At that point, it got real. We had several months to come up with recipes. I think it’s safe to say that most of us thought about it daily, hourly…every second for the weeks that followed. One of our cooks even went to The Wine Dive all the way from Pennsylvania to check it out!

As you will see right here on our blog in the next 15 days, some delicious concoctions were developed. And I've been told by The Wine Dive that the selection process was excruciatingly tough. Of course it was! We’re all amazing cooks! The Wine Dive also partnered with Simply Naked Wines and made wine selections for each and every dish which you will see on each recipe. How cool is that?

We can’t wait to report to you how the event turns out! Be sure to follow our facebook page and twitter feed!

Please check out the Wine Dive's website. What a fun place, and their menus (they have SEVEN!) are incredible! Maybe you can read through them and be inspired like we were!


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