Thursday, August 30, 2012

The End and The Beginning

We can't believe we're going to say this.

The Slap Ya Mama Challenge has come to a close! Seventy-seven blog posts later, some with multiple recipes! Thatsa lotta slappin!

WE HAD A BLAST! And we thank you for following our journey!

And while this is the end of the Slap Ya Mama Challenge, it's the beginning of 37 Cooks and new cooking challenges ahead! Continue to follow us here on our blog! Carrie's Pie Challenge starts tomorrow! 

We will all be forever grateful to Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning for inspiring us to start this group! 

We will leave you with some of our favorite tips, quotes, stories, and uses of Slap Ya Mama seasoning.

Sarah Gillespy: "Mike especially loved it in grilled pork chops. We also like it sprinkled on grilled & buttered corn, in eggs, some added to mashed taters, rubbed on chicken breast to roast (did this tonight for chicken salads the rest of the week). I agree about mixing the regular with the hot & use on almost anything!"

Matt Baird: "I put the hot SYM on some popcorn! When we first started this,I was so excited to get my SYM in the mail,,I opened my package as soon as I got outta the Post Office,and,as I love hot stuff,I took a big sniff,and sneezed all the way home...hahaha!"

Sandra Simmons: "I don't have any tips for uses but I definitely have a tip. If you decide to buy a gallon size of any of the SYM seasonings, be sure to have a scarf or bandanna or medical mask over your mouth and nose before you open it up! Either that or be prepared to sneeze your head off! It's some potent stuff! I should've video'd myself when I was ladling portions of the Original and Hot SYM into Ziplocs to mail to the challengers! And there were many reports of them receiving their spice in the mail and sneezing their heads off!

Judy Dawson: "I tried SYM on my burger, it was good, also on the fries."

Mary Polovinuk: "The first recipe I made w/the hot SYM was Ed's mom's rice & sausage. I make enough for him to get several meals out of it. I overdid the seasoning...3T! He was trying to be polite when I talked to him that night on the phone (he was at w
ork)...when he told me he drank about 2 qts of water that night to try to take away the burn...and was considering changing the name to 'slap Meghan's mama seasoning'! He did eat the leftovers though...he just prepared himself better for the burn! lol ♥"

  • I threw a little SYM on figs w/mascarpone & was different! Don't be afraid to experiment...that's what I would pass along! :)

  • on my egg whites
  • on corn on the cob
  • on chicken before roasting or grilling
  • mix with olive oil, rice vinegar and oregano for a nice baste for grilled vegetables

Gary Gee: "I opened the innocuous-looking bag marked "Hot!", took a whiff and sneezed so hard I shook the bag and a bunch of it went flying everywhere! I don't know how long that sneezing fit lasted!

I've used it in rib rubs, on pork chops, chicken, and in sauteed greens. Best "hm-wonder-what-SYM-would-do-to-this?" moment was in a Hatch green chile and SPAM omelette."

Susan Whempner: "Adding SYM to my prim and proper grandma's applesauce...I wonder what she would have thought about that. LOL"

Susan Ritchie: "I wet my finger and applied the "hot" SYM seasoning to check it out. That is a tip on what NOT to do!!"

Linda Mire: "Steve likes putting it on everything. He was really ticked when I used ol' bay instead of SYM of chicken the other night."

Bon Appétit from all 37 cooks!

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