Monday, February 17, 2014

Vacation Destination Challenge

The new year rolled around with crazy cold and snowy weather across much of the USA and Canada and with many of us wishing to get away from it all! So the Vacation Destination Challenge was a natural choice for us to start off our cooking endeavors in 2014, and as you will see in the coming days, our cooks have outdone themselves.

What are some of your favorite vacation destinations? Is there a certain dish that reminds you of a special place? Do you have any vacation plans yet for 2014? Are they old favorites or will they bring new discoveries? Willie and I have definite plans to visit Miami, FL and the Florida Keys. We're excited and we just know we will find some culinary adventures while we are there!

We hope our cooks' recipes from some of their favorite trips will entice you to cook in your home and take a food staycation that is memorable and delicious! ~Sandra

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