Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The 37 Holiday Recipes Challenge

I bet you were expected a Happy Halloween photo today! Well, we've decided to kick off the holidays - ALL of "the holidays" - today!

The Holidays. What does that mean to you? To all of us at 37 Cooks, it means spending time with our families. And that is just what we plan on doing! We have worked really hard to complete all of the holiday recipes and blog posts we wish to share with you, and guess what? We've completed them and it's only October! Woohoo! We feel pretty happy about that! 

You can access all of our holiday posts RIGHT NOW! You don't have to wait! If you want to see all of our posts at once, just click on the 37 Holiday Recipes Challenge in the index on the right margin of the blog. You will also still see our daily posts on the 37 Cooks facebook page throughout the holidays!!

To all of you - we wish you a happy holiday season full of love and laughter! - Your friends at 37 Cooks

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