Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Peppercorn Ranch Burgers

Peppercorn Ranch Burgers
by Sarah M.

For the burgers:
1 pound Cluck 'n Moo Ground
2 Tablespoons fresh ground pepper (I used both course fresh ground and course peppercorn medley)
Fresh ground salt
Grapeseed oil
6 slices center cut bacon
Fresh ground pepper
Toasted fresh rolls (I bought smaller whole wheat rolls from the deli section)

Romaine lettuce
Red onion, sliced
Good tomato, sliced
Homemade Ranch Sauce (recipe below)

Divide the Cluck 'n Moo Ground into 6 even parts. Wet your hands and with each part, roll the meat into a ball, flatten and put a slight dent in the middle with your thumb. I like to do this on parchment paper. Wash your hands and grab your pepper grinder! In a small bowl, grind the pepper until you have about 2 Tablespoons. Sprinkle 1 Tablespoon over all 6 patties and do a quick grind of salt over the patties, as well. Flip the burgers over and repeat.

Heat a cast iron pan over high heat. Add a touch of grapeseed oil to the pan and let it get to just smoking point. Add the patties to the pan and cook for 3 minutes on each side (internal temperature should be 165°F.)

For the bacon, preheat your oven to 400°F. Place the bacon on a rack on a sheet pan. Pepper the bacon with your pepper grinder until desired. I like extra pepper! Bake 15 minutes, check and bake a few minutes longer until desired crispiness. 

To assemble burgers:
Grab a toasted roll and slather on both the top and bottom a good helping of homemade ranch (recipe below.) Top the bottom bun with your burger patty, a piece of peppered bacon, tomato, onion and lettuce. Top with the top bun and enjoy!

Homemade Ranch Sauce
by Sarah M.

1/2 cup lowfat buttermilk
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup mayonnaise (I used light mayonnaise, it's what I had on hand)
1/3 cup each chopped dill, parsley and chives
2 garlic cloves, minced well
Juice from 1/2 lemon
Salt and pepper to taste

In a medium mixing bowl, use a whisk to wish together the buttermilk, sour cream and mayonnaise. When it comes together, whisk in the fresh herbs, minced garlic, lemon juice and salt and pepper. I recommend letting this sit at least 45 minutes before dressing your burgers.

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