Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kentucky Derby Party Drinks

Guess what? On Willie's Bucket List is The Kentucky Derby. And guess what? This year we will be there. We are so excited and hopefully we will be able to add some photos from our adventure to this post once we get home. 

I took a chance and sent an email to Churchill Downs to get some information about the nonalcoholic drinks available for the 2015 The Oaks and The Derby. Yes, there are two days of races involved in The Kentucky Derby event. Did you know that? We didn't. Churchill Downs put me in contact with the Director of Beverages and with their help and some of my own creativity, following are some drinks you can serve to your party guests who are not partaking in alcohol. 

For those guests who would love an official Grey Goose Oaks Lily or a The Early Times Mint Julep, just click on the links and you will have the official recipes!

The Oaks Lily (nonalcoholic)
by Sandra

Equal parts fruit punch and pineapple juice
A splash of nonalcoholic Triple Sec, also comes in sugar-free
Orange slices
Maraschino cherries

Stir all ingredients in a 4-cup measuring cup. Adjust Triple Sec to taste. Pour in a cup over crushed ice and garnish with an orange and maraschino cherry, or two. Serve with a straw.

Mint Tea
by Sandra

Luzianne Iced Tea Bags
1 Earl Grey Tea Bag
2 Tablespoons mint simple syrup*, such as Sonoma Co.
Orange slices
Fresh or frozen blackberries

Brew iced tea with Luzianne Iced Tea Bags (or your favorite brand) and 1 Earl Grey tea bag. Cool. For every 3 cups of tea, stir in 2 Tablespoons of mint simple syrup. Pour the tea in a large glass full of ice. Garnish with an orange slice and blackberries. Serve with a straw.

*If you decide to make your own simple syrup, please be sure to use spearmint. It makes the tastiest syrup for tea.

P.S. The bow tie shown in the photo above has pictures of lilies and The Grey Goose Oaks Lily. This is one of the official bow ties of the Kentucky Derby and Willie will be wearing it. Everyone wears pink to The Oaks to honor breast cancer awareness.

P.P.S. The orange garnishes are so gorgeous in these photos because they are actually tangelos. They were the absolute brightest and most beautiful fruit at the store! One problem, they are extremely tart! Too tart for us to eat, I'm afraid! But they make a great garnish and they also brought a wonderful flavor to both of these drinks.

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