Monday, February 16, 2015

Bilinski's Sausage Company

We here at 37 Cooks are pleased to announce our latest collaboration. This time we had the great opportunity to team up with Bilinski's, a family-owned company run by Stacie Schonwetter and her father, Steve.

For four generations, the Schonwetter family has been in the food business in the New York State, from Stacie’s great-grandfather Sol’s deli and import shop in Brooklyn, to her grandfather’s meat and cheese distribution company, to Bilinksi’s, acquired in 1983 from the Bilinski family. Joseph Bilinski started his company in 1929, making sausages in his home and selling door-to-door. The Schonwetter’s devotion to time-honored traditions and high quality ingredients was the perfect match for the Bilinski product, and they chose to keep the Bilinski name to honor the company’s history and legacy of providing the finest quality meats and ingredients.

Today, Stacie and Steve’s mission is a simple, but passionate one: To provide a line of the highest quality natural and organic products in order to promote a healthy, flavorful and simple eating regimen. Their commitment to this mission can be seen by simply reading the ingredients list on their product packages. They include no nitrates or preservatives, all of the meat is antibiotic- and hormone-free, and has been raised with integrity in clean, comfortable conditions and fed a 100% vegetarian diet. The sausages have no casing, and are gluten-free. They also purchase their ingredients locally whenever possible. Wow! How many other companies can boast all of that?

It was a true honor to work with Bilinski's, and we all enjoyed creating dishes around their brand new and delicious Kale Balsamic Chicken Sausage. It was a tasty product that made us feel good about what we were eating! Many thanks to Stacie, Steve, and Aubree Kammler, Bilinski’s Marketing and Social Media Coordinator. We appreciate their willingness to trust us with their product, and we hope you all enjoy making and tasting these recipes as much as we did!

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