Monday, September 15, 2014

The Bob's Red Mill Challenge

Is flour boring? We didn't think so! Our challenge from Bob's Red Mill was to take their Organic Unbleached White Flour and their Organic Whole Wheat Flour and jazz it up. I think we did just that! You be the judge in the days to follow!

Bob's Red Mill is an interesting and inspirational company. Did you know that Bob Moore, the founder of the company (look up and you'll see his friendly face), was a retiree when he started this company? Did you know that he was in the Army, owned a gas station, lived in a mobile home, went broke, and more? Did you know that on his 81st birthday, he gave his extremely successful company away - to his employees? Yes, he did all that! The more you get to know about Bob, his employees and his products, the more you will like them!

Willie and I fell in love with the flours that we used for this challenge and I know our cooks did, as well. Thank you, Mr. Moore! Thank you Red Mill employees!

P.S. We read that Bob starts every morning with his own Scottish oatmeal and guess what? We start many mornings with his Steel Cut Oats! As healthy as he and his wife Charlee are, we will be changing our routine from many mornings to every morning! ~Sandra

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