Monday, May 11, 2015

Harold Import Company Challenge

37 Cooks was very pleased to partner with Harold Import Company, a family-owned and operated business specializing in gourmet kitchen supplies since 1957.

The company is based in Lakewood, New Jersey, and manufactures and sells a variety of products for professional and home kitchens.

You might not recognize the Harold Import Company name, but you might know many of their other brand names.

For this challenge, our cooks received two different silicone baking mats from Mrs. Anderson's Baking. The first mat was an all-purpose silicone mat for baking cookies, breads, meats, or pretty much anything you'd put in the oven, and that might stick to a baking sheet.

The second mat was a silicone mat made with a fine mesh that's made specifically for baking bread. The mesh allows air to flow under the bread, resulting in a crisp bottom crust. It's also ideal for reheating pizza or other baked goods when you want to keep the bottom from becoming soft or soggy.

The cooks were challenged to use one of the two mats - and as usual, they did a spectacular job.

Thanks to Harold Import Company for supporting our cooks!

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