Monday, August 11, 2014

The Surprise Food Exchange Challenge

Do you love getting surprises in the mail? Have you ever gotten a surprise in the mail and then been told you have to cook something with it? If you had to send food in the mail that someone would have to cook with, what would you send?

Our cooks had to ponder those very questions for their challenge, The 37 Cooks Surprise Food Exchange. Those who took up this challenge were paired up and they both sent and received a food surprise. The only parameter given were to spend at least $10, but no more $20.

Well, ponder we did! Should we send something unique from our state? Should we send something homemade? Should we send something we love to eat? Should we be devilish and send something wild and bold?

Our recipes for this challenge are a mixture of all of the above. Great things to eat using great products hand picked or made by our cooks. It was a fun challenge that really surprised us all! We hope you will enjoy it too! - Linda at 37 Cooks

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